Here are some frequently asked questions

What is a handtied?
A hand tied is a flower bouquet, ready to place in a vase.

Is there a minimum subscription?
Yes, four weeks is the minimum subscription period. You may cancel at any time, providing you give notice in writing at least 7 days before the end of any four week cycle.

How do I make payment?
Payment is by standing order every 4 weeks.

Why standing order? Can I pay via another method?
We only accept standing order to make your life easier, taking away the time and hassle of payment. We believe that standing order helps both you and us manage your payments.

Can I choose any delivery time for flowers?
Yes you can, assuming that your preferred time hasn't already been taken.

Can I change my delivery time?
You can change or alter your preferred delivery time by giving us 7 days notice assuming that time slot hasn’t already been taken.

Can I change my order?
You can change your order every four weeks or add to it at any time via BACs payment.

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