Here are some weekly flowers frequently asked questions

What is the minimum subscription?
The minimum contract period for weekly flowers is four weeks. Should you wish to cancel your flower delivery contract, you must let us know, in writing, at least 7 days before the end of any four-week period in order to cancel your subscription for the following four-week period.

What happens if I go away or am on holiday?
If for any reason you are away, you can suspend your contract temporarily. We require at least 7 days’ notice of any such temporary suspension. We press pause and simply resume the contract when you return.

Can I change my weekly flower order as I go? E.g. increase or decrease the number of arrangements?
Of course, our service is entirely flexible and tailored to you. If you wish to change the number of arrangements or require extra arrangements in other rooms, please contact Alice directly to discuss.

How to I make payment for a weekly flower contract?
We only accept payment for the weekly flower contracts via standing order, which must be set up before the service can begin. One off payments can be made by BACS transfer or as agreed.

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